By Zack Edwards
December 12, 2023

10 tips to create a creds deck that connects with potential clients.

Explore 10 essential tips for creating a creds deck that engages clients, highlighting your strengths and forging strong business connections.

Tips to create a creds deck that connects with potential clients and investors.

Imagine having the power to not just tell but prove to your potential clients that you’re the wizard they need to turn their business dreams into reality. That’s the magic of a creds deck. It’s more than a presentation; it’s a concrete evidence of your company’s ability to meet challenges head-on and emerge victorious. But let’s face it, not all creds decks hit the bullseye.

Think about the years you’ve spent perfecting your craft, the countless hours of refining those big ideas that set you apart. You’re on the cusp of something great – the strategic pitch. Your business is a beacon, drawing in leads with its promise. These prospects are out there, searching for the missing piece in their puzzle, albeit cautiously, given the deluge of options and information at their fingertips.

So, how do you turn heads in your direction? How do you convince them that your company isn’t just another option, but the partner they’ve been searching for? This is where a well-crafted creds deck sweeps in. Done right, it’s your storytelling canvas, painting a picture of your brand’s credibility, expertise, and the genuine values that underpin your business.

The sad truth is that many creds decks miss this opportunity to shine. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you build a creds deck that doesn’t just speak to your audience but sings to them, shifting their mindset and making them wonder how they ever got along without you.

What is a creds deck?

Think of a creds deck like a highlight reel for your company. It’s where you show off the best things you’ve done, like a portfolio. There are two big things it should do:

  1. Show What You Do: It tells people about the good stuff your company offers and shows off real examples of your work, like success stories and the great things you’ve achieved for others.
  2. Tell Your Story: It also lets people know what your company is all about – the kind of vibe you have, what you stand for, and what you’re aiming to do. Every picture and every word should give people a clear idea of your company’s personality.

The Important Part

When you’re putting together your creds deck, remember it’s not just about saying how great you are. Sure, you can be proud of what you’ve done, but you don’t want to come off as bragging. It’s really about connecting with the people you’re talking to and showing them how what you’ve done can help them out too. Keep the focus on them, not just on you. If you only talk about yourself, people might not listen. But if you show how your skills can solve their problems, they’ll be more likely to get on board .

What often goes wrong with creds decks?

You know, sometimes companies and businesses get a bit too excited about their creds deck. They throw in everything but the kitchen sink, and it turns into a jumbled mixtape rather than a greatest hits album. There’s no flow, and everything’s jumbled up. It’s like when you play songs out of order, and it just doesn’t feel right.

What clients really want is to see how you can help them with what they need, not just a showcase of everything you’ve ever done. They’re pretty savvy – if they sense that what you’re saying isn’t relevant to them, they’ll tune out. And if your message is too broad or vague, they’ll know it’s not really for them. After all, they deserve a creds deck that’s been put together just for them, don’t they?

Why creds decks can be super handy?

One of the cool things about creds decks is that they’re super flexible. You can share them from anywhere – your living room, your kitchen, wherever. Say you can’t meet up in person, no problem! Just hop on a video call and walk them through it. You’ve got to be ready for anything, like some big event that keeps everyone at home. Creds decks let you do your thing and impress clients, whether you’re face-to-face or screen-to-screen.

Building creds deck in 10 steps

  1. Audience-Centric Approach: Start with the audience in mind. Resist the urge to lead with exhaustive details about your company’s size and reach unless it’s directly relevant to the listener. Focus on what your audience truly values, and tailor your content to address those specific interests.  
  2. Tailor the Introduction: The opening slide should immediately engage your audience with a proposition that captures their interest. Conduct thorough research to ensure your message resonates from the get-go. Empathy is key; show that you understand their aspirations and hurdles.
  3. Interactive Experience: Enable the audience to dictate their journey through your creds deck. Instead of a linear presentation, consider a navigation system that allows them to explore the content that speaks directly to their needs, whether it’s through a menu of pain points or case studies.
  4. The Story Behind the Success: People are intrigued by the process, not just the outcome. Share the journey behind your achievements, including the challenges and how they were overcome. This transparency humanizes your brand and demonstrates commitment.
  5. Features vs. Benefits: Translate the technical features of your services into clear, relatable benefits. Explain how you can save time, reduce costs, or streamline processes for your clients. The goal is to connect emotionally, then justify the decision logically.
  6. Leverage Client Testimonials: Use the power of social proof. Client testimonials can serve as potent endorsements, providing reassurance to prospects about your credibility and the effectiveness of your services.
  7. Brevity and Relevance: Keep your creds deck concise. Prioritize content that addresses the client’s challenges directly. The art of editing ensures that every slide adds value to the overall narrative.
  8. Save ‘About Us’ for Last: Establish credibility through the value you offer, not just your company’s history. Introduce your team and accolades towards the end, ensuring the focus remains on how you can assist the client.
  9. Presenter as the Keystone: Remember, you are the heart of the presentation. The slides are a complement to your narrative, but it’s your expertise and passion that will truly engage and convince your audience.
  10. By adhering to these principles, you’ll create a creds deck that not only showcases your company’s strengths but also clearly demonstrates how you align with and can advance your clients’ goals.

Here is also a blog about creating pitch deck guide which clearly illustrates what slides should be included in an investor pitch deck.

Creds deck template?

If you are looking for a creds deck template or an example of a creds deck, please reach out to us through our contact page. We will send you a template that clearly illustrates the slides included in a creds deck, how the content for those slides is written, and how it is presented visually. there is no cost for that it is 100% free.

Extraas, but recommended from blaze creative pitch deck and presentation experts

While a creds deck is a valuable tool, there’s no substitute for personal interaction. When a company prefers to review your creds deck remotely, it’s often more convenient for them, but it doesn’t always serve your interests best. The nuances of your passion, the persuasive power of your voice, and the immediate responses to live questions can get lost. So, always advocate for a direct meeting when possible.

However, if a face-to-face isn’t feasible, turn the situation to your advantage. Engage with potential clients through their preferred channels, be it email, LinkedIn, or another platform. Inquire about their current projects, their time constraints, and what solutions they are seeking. This approach not only demonstrates your commitment to meeting their needs but also provides insights that can help you customize your creds deck for when that in-person opportunity arises. Cultivating this digital rapport could very well be the catalyst for securing a virtual meeting or even an invitation to discuss in person.

Creating a creds deck might sometimes seem daunting, and it’s natural to feel concerned about whether your digital presentation can truly reflect the excellence of your work. With the right strategy, each slide can effectively represent the value you offer. If you prefer to focus on what you do best and leave the presentation crafting to experts, consider partnering with a specialized agency. Now is the perfect time to prepare—your next significant client could be just around the corner, searching for a company like yours.

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