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Our SEO services are designed to elevate your website’s search engine rankings by optimizing the key factors that enhance online visibility.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the best and most affordable marketing investments. SEO helps you:

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Guaranteed dynamic SEO strategies to elevate your site's ranking

Our professional SEO services are designed to enhance your website’s ranking in search engine results. We focus on optimizing crucial factors that increase online visibility, a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). this process strategically enhances your site’s placement in the ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ or ‘earned’ search results, ensuring you gain prominence without the need for paid advertising like google ads and facebook ads.

Results-focused data analysis for measurable SEO success

At Blaze, Our SEO expert will invest time in deeply understanding your business and target market. We focus on crafting SEO strategies that align with your specific business objectives. Utilizing advanced analytics, we enable your brand to gain recognition at local, national, or international levels.

Whether we’re creating a high-performing new website from the ground up or fine-tuning the SEO of an existing e-commerce platform or any other industry platform, our approach at Blaze combines data-driven insights with cutting-edge technology and a touch of creativity to enhance your visibility in search results on Google, bing and yahoo.

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SEO packages

 We focus on Google, the giant of UK search engines, to boost your website’s visibility where it matters most. Our approach is simple yet effective, honing in on four key areas to ensure swift, noticeable improvements in your online presence.

Checking your website: site SEO audits

We thoroughly examine everything on your website, from the code to the words you use. We make sure your site works well, has no broken links, and uses the right labels. If anything is holding your site back, we, your local SEO agency fix it using authentic SEO.

Choosing the right words: keywords

We look closely at your website and your competition to find the best words that describe what you offer. This helps your site show up when people search for those words. When we tell you that your site is on the first page for a certain word, it means people are actually searching for it.

Boosting visibility: The power of backlinks

We make your website more popular by getting other important websites to link to yours. This helps your site show up higher in search results. We find the right places to get these links by looking at your competition, industry websites, and other places.

Great content: making visitors happy

The content on your website — from engaging articles and striking images to dynamic videos — is crucial to captivate your audience. When visitors are impressed by what they find, they're more likely to stay longer. Quality content not only enriches the user experience but also broadens your site's reach by ranking for a diverse array of search terms.

Local advantage: why your location is key

It's not only about being found everywhere, but also in your local area. We use tools like Google My Business and use words related to your location to help more local people find you, whether you're in Chesterfield, Derby, Nottingham, or beyond.

Monitoring success: the importance of reporting

You won't have to wonder if your investment in SEO is working. Every month, we'll show you a report that explains what we've been doing on your website and how well it's performing.
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