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Case overview

When Pimlico Capital approached us, they expressed dissatisfaction with their existing website, which was not effectively communicating the firm’s vast financial expertise and commitment to clients. The previous site’s layout was not user-friendly, and its design did not align with the company’s innovative and trustworthy identity. Pimlico Capital desired a revitalized digital presence to better engage their clients and prospects, seeking a website that was not only a repository of information but also a reflection of their brand’s values and vision. They wanted a sophisticated, responsive, and intuitive website that would cater to the diverse needs of their users while succinctly conveying the brand’s essence and offerings.

Pimlico Group Website Shot
Pimlico Group Website Mobile Phone Shot
Pimlico Group Website Design

Our Approach

Pimlico Capital had an old brand and website that needed a fresh look. We started with a workshop where key team members told us about their company’s history and what changes they wanted. Together, we created a new tagline and updated their brand to make it simple and modern while keeping some original elements.

The new brand feels stable and caring, like a safe home and a warm hug. It’s ready to serve Pimlico for many more years.

We also updated their WordPress website to match the new brand. With a cleaner design and new features, the website is now user-friendly for both clients and tenants. The website overhaul not only gives it a fresh, new look but also makes it easier for users to navigate and find what they need.

Pimlico Group Website Mobile Phone Shot
Pimlico Capital Website Design Screenshot

The Results

The revamped brand and website for Pimlico Capital have delivered notable results, with the redesigned WordPress site being fully responsive and visually striking, enhancing user engagement across all devices. New features, including improved security, an intuitive interface, and faster load times, provide a dependable and user-friendly experience for both current clients and prospects. This facilitates not only ease of access and interaction but also aligns with the brand’s renewed commitment to stability and care. The digital refresh has not only strengthened relationships with existing clients but also attracted new ones, positioning Pimlico Capital for ongoing growth and success in the competitive financial sector. The future-focused brand and website are primed to effectively handle upcoming opportunities and challenges.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views

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